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Personalized Gifts for Celebrating Life’s Special Occasions


Personalized gifts are a delightful way to celebrate and remember life’s most important moments. 

Personalized gifts to commemorate service.

The J. Devlin Glass Art collection of glass gifts is known for its beautifully designed glass boxes and glass photo frames displaying intriguing textures, sometimes rich and sometimes soft colors, and unique filigree accents. Using this sophisticated line of glass gifts from J. Devlin and our engraving craftsmanship, we’re creating extraordinary personalized gifts that will be loved and cherished for a lifetime. 

A personalized gift is just that…a unique gesture reflecting the personality of the recipient, giver, and occasion. The message can be inspirational, humorous, bold, subtle, classy, sentimental…it’s totally up to you!

Personalized gifts to commemorate religious events.

When to Give Personalized Gifts

Here are a few ideas to get you started on occasions befitting personalized gifts:

  • Birthdays. Engrave a happy birthday message or their name and date on a glass photo frame.
  • Baby’s Birth. Give a keepsake box with the baby’s name or initials and birthday engraved on the lid to store special keepsakes in.
  • Weddings. Celebrate the union of two special people by engraving their first names and date or Mr. & Mrs. (Name) and the wedding date on the lid of a keepsake box or on a glass photo frame and insert your favorite photo of the happy couple in it.
  • Anniversaries. A personalized gift is the perfect thing to present to the couple that has everything!
  • Graduations. Present the graduate with a glass box engraved with their name, school name, mascot, or year on it.
  • Baptisms, Confirmations, and Other Religious Occasions. Engrave your favorite scripture or inspirational quote or their name or initials and confirmation date on a glass box.
  • Spouse Gift. Fill a glass box with mementos from your honeymoon or vacation and engrave the location and year on the lid.

Personalized gifts to commemorate weddings.

Personalized Gifts Greatly Enhance Corporate Gift Giving 

If you’re looking for corporate gift giving ideas, consider personalized gifts from Uncharted Visions. Personalized gifts go the extra mile to recognize important corporate occasions such as:

  • Years of Service. Recognize a dedicated employee’s years of service by engraving a special message or number of years (i.e., “25 Years”) on a glass box.
  • Retirement. Present a glass photo frame engraved with a special message and insert a fun photo of the employee on the job or a group shot of their coworkers.
  • Promotion or Special Award. Celebrate a promotion or special award with a personalized glass box or glass photo frame.
  • Holiday Gifts. Engrave company name and year on a glass box or glass photo frame and present to employees for Christmas.

Personalized gifts for corporate gift giving.

Commemorate life’s special moments with a gift that means more. Read more about personalized gifts from Uncharted Visions or browse our selection of glass gifts available for engraving.

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